pandora competition

Pandora Competition - Design and Win a Gift Set

It's nearly Christmas and that means you'll invariably be scratching your head wondering what to get your loved ones this year!

Whether it's for family, friends or even a treat for yourself, there's no better or easier way to give Pandora than by purchasing one of our lovely Pandora box sets.

These beautiful gifts feature between three and five Pandora charms that really go well together. They come with free box, gift-wrap and Special Delivery too!

Win a Pandora Jewellery Box in Beadazzle's St. Patrick's Day Competition

To celebrate St. Patrick's Day we're giving away a stunning Double Tier Pandora Jewellery Box to whoever can guess how many Pandora charms we've managed to cram into our glass jar.

But you'll really need the luck of the Irish to win this one! That's because the winner will be the closest unique guess to the actual answer. And by "unique" we mean a guess that has not been chosen by any other entrant. So it doesn't matter if you're spot on with your answer, if even one other person has also picked the same number, you cannot win.

Instagram Competition - Show Us Your Pandora Braclets

We're running a fantastic Instagaram Competition to Win a £10 Gift Voucher. You can use your gift voucher to buy any Pandora product at and best of all, we've got ten of them up for grabs.

All you have to do is take a picture of your Pandora bracelet, it doesn't matter if it's chock full of charms or you're just getting started – we want to see you bracelets!