Amethyst Slider 6mm



Code: BB-SLI-Am-6-Cab
Code: BB-SLI-Am-6-Cab
Brand: Ariane Rocher


Ariane Rocher Round Amethyst Oval Cabachon Silver Slider for Coil Spring Ring - SLI-Am-6-Cab (SLIA6C)

Each slider is designed to fit the unique Spring Ring. They can be worn alone or with a selection of other sliders from the collection to create your own design.

Simply slip your choice of Slider on to the Ring, (as you would on a key ring), and twist around to position it where you want it. The Spring Ring Collection is an innovative and original design idea providing the opportunity to create your own designer pendants, rings or necklaces using Sterling Silver and Gold Plated Sterling Silver with Birthstones, Pearls and Diamonds. The beauty of this collection is it's eclectic nature, a design that you can add to, take away from, change and re-arrange anytime. Collect sliders pendants for your birthday, anniversary or any special occasion. Adorn the ring with the Birthstone of those dearest to you. Re-design the look of your ring as often as you want, the possibilities are endless.

You can incorporate your own stackable and slim rings, these can be inserted between the individual Spring Coils to create a look that's totally unique to you.

This stunning exciting collection from French designer Ariane Rocher typifies elegance, playfulness and a hint of childhood nostalgia. Ariane is inspired by fashion, architecture, nature and colour and her contemporary and classical jewellery uses bold colours and techniques, precious metals, diamonds, pearls and semi-precious stones reflecting an independence of spirit. It is these fascinations, coupled with Ariane’s classical training in Paris, that have come to typify Ariane Rocher Jewellery.

Ariane creates jewels to live your life with. Interactive, tactile and versatile pieces that are designed to be worn and added to, to complement your personality and to tell their own story.

All Ariane Rocher jewellery will be despatched in branded packaging.