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How to tie your Lariat

The Pandora Lariat is a leather bracelet/necklace which is designed to be worn with Pandora charms.
The Lariat offers an alternative option for wearing Pandora charms, instead of wearing the traditional Silver or Gold Pandora bracelet or necklace.
The Pandora Lariats are made with Leather or Thread and feature either Sterling Silver or 14ct Gold fittings on the end with the Pandora logo. The Black Leather is available in two lengths - 100cm and 150cm.

You can use just one Pandora Lariat to create your Pandora bracelet/necklace, or you can use multiple Pandora Lariats together to create one bracelet/necklace design.


Lariat Bracelet Design Idea 1.

Use One Pandora Lariat for this design.


 1.Double the lariat in 1/2 to form a loop at one end.

2. Thread the loop through a Pandora charm. Thread the charm towards the end of the bracelet.

3. Leave an open loop at one end.

4. Tie two knots, one of either side of the charm.

5. Thread another charm.

6. Tie another knot.

7. Continue this sequence to add as many charms as you like.

8. Tie a knot behind the last charm (so that every charm has one knot on either side of each charm).

9. Wrap the bracelet around your wrist.

10. Thread the metal ends through the loop at the opposite end.

11. Tie a knot at the end to fasten the bracelet in place.

It is best to tie the knots firmly, but not too tightly.










 For more ideas visit the Pandora website

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