Penni Levi - Gold 'Evil Eye' CZ Bangle



Code: BB-BK-301/G-8
Code: BB-BK-301/G-8
Brand: Penny Levi


Penny Levi Gold 'Evil Eye' CZ Bangle BK-301/G-8

This delicate Gold Plated Sterling Silver  Bangle with a dainty Gold Plated Sterling Silver chain is centered  with a blue Enamel 'Evil Eye' symbol.The Bangle, with a chain and lobster clasp fastener, gives added security when worn.

The Evil Eye as a symbol of protection is steeped in Spiritualism and Mysticism. The concept of the Evil Eye as a symbol of protection is widespread in Mediterranean countries. With its roots planted in ancient Greece it has been mentioned across the centuries and in many ancient texts including the Old Testament, Talmudic literature and the Koran. The idea is that the power of the evil eye talisman worn as an amulet or jewellery will counteract or ward off the gaze of someone who harbours feelings of envy or jealousy, against the wearer thereby protecting them from bad luck. Known as Nazari  and seen all over Turkey the symbol of the eye as a protective Talisman is thought to return the malicious gaze back to it’s source.

The colour blue or turquoise is thought to dispel negative energy and can be worn to protect against outside influences, balancing and aligning all of the chakras.

Also available in Rose Gold and Silver.

Presented in original Penny Levi packaging.

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