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PANDORA Birthstones – a perfect gift this Christmas


December is the month of Turquoise!

The idea of associating a stone with a specific month dates back centuries and is known throughout many different cultures, where the colour and type of a particular stone was associated with a specific month.

For those of you who were born in December your birthstone is a beautiful Blue gemstone, most commonly Turquoise which the ancients considered a bringer of good fortune.

PANDORA have created a stunning range of Birthstones to celebrate a wearers birth month or to remember the special people in your life. Why not stack PANDORA’s stunning new Birthstone Droplet rings – with rings that celebrate the special people in your life or choose Signature Heart Charms to mark the extraordinary milestones in your life such as a marriage, a first job or a birth!  You might also like to consider Birthstone Earrings for that special someone.

Make a gift of colour this Christmas

The colour of a gemstone has always been an essential way of communicating feelings. Here are four colours that our customers love:

Blue: Calming and tranquil blue stones such as Turquoise are ideal for someone who seeks peace and serenity. The relaxing effect of blue gemstones is well documented and is a great gift for someone who is stressed or seeks greater calm and confidence in their life.

Red: Red stones such as Ruby can symbolise excitement and make perfect gifts for that special daredevil in your life who loves excitement, danger and the rush of adrenaline!

Yellow: Yellow is the colour of joy, intellect and friendliness! Yellow stones such as citrine are perfect for someone who is joyful and positive, the life and soul of the party. Yellow gemstones are also associated with intellect and energy and could also be suitable for someone going to university, or someone who loves leading an active life.

Pink: Pink has long been associated with love and romance. Pink gemstones are a great gift to represent an anniversary as a symbol of eternal love and devotion. Pink is also associated with compassion, sensitivity and friendship and therefore would make the perfect gift to symbolise a long lasting friendship or to say thank you to that someone in your life who has helped you through a hard time.

Other colours and their meanings:

WHITE: Freshness, Hope, Light, Purity, Cleanliness, Simplicity
GREEN: Life, Growth, Environment, Healing, Money, Safety
PURPLE: Royalty, Luxury, Dignity, Wisdom, Spirituality, Vision

Looking for a gorgeous gift this Christmas? Take a look at our wide selection of Birthstones and the 2016 Christmas Collection!

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