Marie von Lotzbeck has been creating jewellery since she was 9 years old with her father building her first jeweller�s bench when she was only 10.

In 2001 Marie opened a jewellery shop with a colleague, in 2007 Marie went on her own, eponymously renaming the shop thus saw the beginning of the exclusive Von Lotzbeck Jewellery brand. Unique, one-of-kind jewellery was Marie�s starting point, but as clients started to requesting the same pieces, she realized it was time to create collections instead of custom-made items. As her jewellery gained followers, Marie, who was at that time designing, creating and delivering everything to all of the stores, formed a partnership with Nordahl Andersen, since then Von Lotzbeck Jewellery has grown from strength to strength, reaching over 50 stores across Denmark. Merging the past with the present in clean, graphic shapes and contrasts Von Lotzbeck jewellery designs are modern classics, with timeless lines creating a look which is striking in it�s simplicity.

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Von Lotzbeck