PANDORA ©Disney Snow White's Dress Hanging Charm


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PANDORA ©Snow White's Dress Hanging Charm 791579ENMX

With it's blue bodice, puffy sleeves and wide yellow skirt illuminate with hand-applied enamel, this delightful dangle charm captures the inherent innocence and optimism of Snow White - a reminder to always approach life with an open heart.

Disney Snow White Dress Dangle Charm in Sterling Silver with Light Yellow, Red and Azure Blue and Teal Enamel with engraving "Snow White" on the top.

Snow White suffers the jealousy of her stepmother, the wicked and vain Queen due to her being proclaimed the "fairest of them all" by the mirror. She famously has "lips red as the rose, hair black as ebony and skin white as snow" and succumbs to the Wicked Witch's plot by being tempted and poisoned by the apple. Her real beauty lies in her character, which makes her beloved by people as well as animals, and leads her to true love.  

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Part of the PANDORA Mothers Day 2018 Collection.

Choose your PANDORA Jewellery and Charms to represent your life's Unforgettable Moments and wear as a collection of wonderful memories. A perfect gift for any occasion or add this to your own genuine PANDORA Bracelet, make your moments last forever.


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