Home is Where the Heart is...


Code: 1267.0971


Home is Where the Heart is... Gift Set PANDORA 1267.0971 with Sterling Silver

A collection of Sterling Silver PANDORA Charms beautifully presented in a PANDORA gift box, beautifully wrapped, ready to give to a loved one and delivered FREE to your door!

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1 x 791267 Home Sweet Home

1 x 790971 Silver Padlock Key To My Heart

This set symbolizes the heart of family life, it revolves around the true heart of the family - home! It's where we all hope to find love, warmth and kindness. Leaving home to go travelling, off to Uni or setting up your own home? You will never forget the home you have left behind and will always gravitate back to base even whilst building a home of your own.

Become a proud house owner with this delighful Sterling Silver elaborately detailed charm, or rekindle childhood memories of Wendy Houses! The adorable design is a reminder of the house in which you grew up, your own Doll's House, the first home you bought together or your dream home. The base of the charm has the inscription 'Home Sweet Home'.

A Sterling Silver PANDORA Padlock Style 'Key to My' Heart Charm. This heart lock and key charm is made from Sterling Silver and features a heart-shaped charm with a key hole on the front of it. A chain hangs from the Charm with a key on the end of it. It is the perfect way to show someone special that they have the key to your heart.

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