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PANDORA Beloved Mother Pendant Charm


Code: 791883CZ


PANDORA Beloved Mother Silver Pendant Charm 791883CZ

The Heart shaped Hanging Pendant Charm is made from Sterling Silver with 55 micro bead-set Clear Cubic Zirconia stones and engraved with the words "Beloved Mother".

The heart symbol, the most widely used symbol of love, doesn’t bear much resemblance to an actual heart. However, some believe that it was inspired by the shape of vine leaves. Due to the endurance of the vine, Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans all used the plant to symbolise bonds of everlasting love.

This Mothers Day, jewellery shines with sentiments and floral nostalgia as an eternal tribute to the beauty and uniqueness of women.

Here lives love, and hearts are filled with the unbreakable bond of unconditional love.
Sparkling with emotion these symbols show our love, forever and true.
Hold them close and carry them always, and think of me and you.

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