PANDORA Dazzling Floral Charm CZ


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PANDORA Dazzling Floral Charm 791820PCZMX

A gorgeous new take on flowery styles, this elegant Charm features a floral motif embellished with shimmering Cubic Zirconia stones in pink and purple hues. Add this beautiful and innovative button Charm to any collection, with the emphasis being on the Puresse cut stones used in this charm. A cabochon variant that mixes a faceted cut with a non-faceted cut. A domed top and a faceted pavilion underneath give the illusion of depth by drawing the eye into the stone’s centre.

The Charm is crafted from Sterling Silver with 2 bead-set Puresse-cut Purple Cubic Zirconia, 14 bead-set Puresse-cut Pink Cubic Zirconia and 110 pavé-set Clear Cubic Zirconia stones.

As dark days give way to Spring’s glorious light, breathe in the sweet scent of Spring, where wondrous blossoms in pastel tones reveal the renewal of life and love.

Create and combine and tell your own story.

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