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PANDORA PASSION ESSENCE COLLECTION Charm in Silver with Synthetic Ruby 796441SRU

This Sterling Silver ESSENCE COLLECTION PASSION Charm with it's fiery hue of synthetic Ruby conveys passion and deep emotions. With 2 bead-set rose-cut synthetic Ruby, 36 bead-set Cear Cubic Zirconia and a delicate pattern of cut-out heart details this Charm brings love and romance to your collection.

Express the essence of you with the ESSENCE PASSION Charm. ESSENCE Charms are held in place with a flexible silicone grip inside the core of each charm.

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Part of PANDORA’s Christmas 2017 Collection. #DO SEE THE WONDERFUL. #DO PANDORA

The ESSENCE COLLECTION features slender Sterling Silver Bracelets with an accompanying assortment of delicate hand-finished Sterling Silver Charms, each representing a personal value, hope or dream.
The simply elegant, petite and stylish, ESSENCE COLLECTION is an emotional expression of you. Inspiring you to express your true self through beautiful, symbolic and meaningful Charms that emphasize your inner values, hopes and desires in life. The ESSENCE Collection connects you, and others, to who you really are.

ESSENCE Bracelets are finer and more delicate than the classic PANDORA Moments Bracelets and Necklaces. ESSENCE Charms are smaller than standard PANDORA Moments Charms. They can only be used with PANDORA ESSENCE Bracelets and Necklaces.

The PANDORA ESSENCE COLLECTION, whilst not compatible with the PANDORA Moments Collection, it is ideal for layering alongside your other PANDORA Jewellery to create your own unique look. 

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