PANDORA Lock Of Love Charm with CZ


Code: 791429CZ


PANDORA Silver Lock Of Love Charm 791429CZ

The romantic Heart-Shaped Padlock and Key is studded with 113 micro-set stones. The Padlock has 100 micro pavé-set Cubic Zirconia and the Dangling Key has 13 micro pavé-set brilliant cut Cubic Zirconia. Round brilliant cut is the world’s most popular stone cut with 57 or 58 facets and provides the stone with ultimate sparkle giving the charm that extra appeal.
The shape of a brilliant cut stone resembles that of a cone and provides maximized light return through the top of the stone.

In Paris and other cities around the world it is a tradition for lovers to lock a padlock, usually engraved with their initials or names, to a bridge and then throw away the key. This serves as a symbol of how their love is forever “locked”. 

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