PANDORA Majestic Feathers Pendant with Necklace


Code: 390373CZ
Code: 390373CZ-70


PANDORA Majestic Feathers Pendant with Necklace 390373CZ with Clear Cubic Zirconia

This Sterling Silver and Cubic Zirconia Pendant with Necklace is a decorative interpretation of a majestic phoenix feather and captures the very essence of teh striking firebird. The long statement Necklace, which measures 70cm, is perfect for layering with shorter Necklaces for an on-trend look. This Pendant and Necklace is part of PANDORA'S new Majestic Feathers Autumn 2015 collection.

Feathers have long held many meanings for various cultures. Their symbolic meaning is often linked to ascension and evolution of the spirit. Other associations of feathers are innocence, lightness and truth.  According to ancient Egyptian and Greek mythology, the phoenix is a sacred bird connected to fire. It has a beautiful gold and red plumage and at the end of it's lifecycle, it will burst into fire and then be reborn from the ashes. Associated with the sun, the phoenix is seen as a symbol of rebirth, immortality and transformation.

They flew on morning's gentle breeze, up high into the sky. Touched with shimmering drops of dew and capturing the imagination, majestic feathers floated by.

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