PANDORA Openwork Romance Heart Charm


Code: 791811


PANDORA Openwork Romance Heart Charm 791811

This stylish heart Charm is filled with romance and features an elaborate beaded pattern that lends an antique look to the design. The vintage expression ensures it to be an elegant addition to any classic charm Bracelet.

The Openwork Charm is made from Sterling Silver and is part of PANDORA'S Valentines 2016 Collection.

The heart symbol, the most widely used symbol of love, doesn’t bear much resemblance to an actual heart. However, some believe that it was inspired by the shape of vine leaves. Due to the endurance of the vine, Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans all used the plant to symbolise bonds of everlasting love.

Please note that this Openwork Charm does not have a central threading, please ensure that it is not the last Charm placed on your Bracelet.

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