PANDORA Piggy Bank Charm with Enamel


Code: 791809ENMX


PANDORA Piggy Bank Silver Charm with Enamel 791809ENMX

With its rounded shape and cheerful red bow, this adorable Piggy Bank Charm represents good fortune, promise and luck.

Add it to your Bracelet as a symbol of security and stability or as a cute reminder of a childhood treasure, a favourite nursery rhyme or bedtime story. This little piggy......

The Charm is made from Sterling Silver with Black Enamel eyes and Red Enamel bow detail.

Tender memories of the past meet the sweet promise of the future. Vibrant and whimsical keepsakes express fortune and luck.

The very first piggy banks were simple jars made from reddish clay known as pygg. By the 18th century, new materials were used to make piggy banks, which took their name from the shape instead of the material used.

While traditional Enamel is glass based, PANDORA use an epoxy resin Enamel which does not contain glass producing a much more hardwearing Enamel. This finish is far more resistant to chipping, vital for Charms and Rings which are often subjected to daily wear and tear.

Pandora's range of beautiful hand finished Charms, Bracelets, Necklaces and Rings have all been designed with combinations in mind.
Create and combine and tell your own story.
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