PANDORA Pink Dazzling Heart CZ


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PANDORA Pink Dazzling Heart CZ 792069PCZ

A Sterling Silver classic heart Charm with Pink Puresse-cut Cubic Zirconia that emanate maximum sparkle. PANDORA'S stylish Pink Heart Charm symbolises deep meanings, emotional expressions and evokes nostalgic memories of precious moments.

The delightful Puresse cut with a domed top, and a faceted pavilion underneath, gives the illusion of depth by drawing the eye into the stone’s centre.

The heart symbol, the most widely used symbol of love, doesn’t bear much resemblance to an actual heart. However, some believe that it was inspired by the shape of vine leaves. Due to the endurance of the vine, Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans all used the plant to symbolise bonds of everlasting love.

PANDORA jewellery that shines with Sentiments Of Love and as an eternal tribute to the beauty and uniqueness of women. Sophisticated statements, precious sentiments of love and delicate expressions of colour to feel fabulous in, to feel proud giving and to cherish forever.

Odes to love and lives shared, nurturing. Inspirational, fun, tributes to paths walked together, and new chapters just begun.

'DO' Shine - Discover the Spring Collection!

PANDORA’s new Spring 2017 collection symbolises the unbreakable bonds of family that is conveyed through sweet messages and symbolic icons on precious keepsakes of love; destined to be cherished forever.

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