PANDORA Primrose Openwork Charm


Code: 791489


PANDORA Primrose Openwork Charm 791489

Showcasing the beauty of shiny Sterling Silver, this stylised floral Charm has an elegant expression. The combination of the floral motif and the Filigree look is the perfect choice for bringing a sense lightness to your Bracelet.

The name of the Primrose is derived from the Latin term 'prima rosa' which means first rose. This refers to the Primrose being one of the first flowers to break through the Winter cold, thereby signalling the coming of Spring.

This delicate bloom with the heart-shaped petals is traditionally linnked to renewal, love and devotion.
In pretty meadows filled with flowers, the delicate buds of the Primrose bloom, revealing precious memories and filling the air with promise of Spring.

The Spring garden bursts to life. Air is filled with the sweet scent of flowers in bloom, and the sky is illuminated with shimmering butterflies in flight. a celebration of new beginnings. The magic of nature awakens anew.

This Filigree Openwork Charm does not have a central threading, please ensure that it is not the last Charm placed on your Bracelet.

PANDORA's range of beautifully hand-finished Charms, Bracelets, Necklaces and Rings have all been designed with combinations in mind. They are made in Sterling Silver with genuine gemstones and provide limitless possibilities allowing you to express your personal style and individuality.

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