PANDORA Red Pave Triple Heart


Code: 791168SRU


PANDORA Red Pave Triple Heart 791168SRU

This stunning Sterling Silver Red Pave Triple Heart has a beautiful Red heart on each side of the Charm and has been launched by PANDORA in partnership with The British Heart Foundation. This sophisticated Pave Charm is a stunning representation of love and has multiple sparkling Cubic Zirconia, framing a man-made Ruby Heart, each faceted with 33 facets.

Man-made, or synthetic, Ruby is used to differentiate it from natural occurring Ruby. Synthetic Ruby has, essentially, the same properties and chemical structure as naturally occuring Ruby and is harder than any other stone, other than diamond. Ruby is associated with courage and bravery. The stone has also been used as a talisman against danger, disaster, to stop bleeding and a number of other ailments.

This Charm does not have a central threading, please ensure that it is not the last Charm placed on your Bracelet.

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Choose your PANDORA jewellery and charms to represent your life's Unforgettable Moments and wear  as a collection of wonderful memories. A perfect gift for any occasion or add this to your own genuine PANDORA  Bracelet and make your moments last forever.

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