PANDORA Red Twinkle Murano Glass Charm


Code: 796366


PANDORA Red Twinkle Glass Murano Charm - 796366

This effervescent Murano glass design features a vibrant Red colour with rich, golden accents. Subtle and sophisticated, it's colour scheme puts a fantastic spin on traditional festive tones. Charm in Sterling Silver with Golden frit, Red and transparent Murano glass

Enjoy the richness of the season with these wintry tradtional colours and expressions.

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The design process of the Murano Glass Charm means that no two glass Charms will be exactly alike, each Charm is completely unique and truly one of a kind! There may be small variations in the design, the colouring and the size, some may also contain small glass bubbles. These variations are in no way to be considered a fault of the product and are simply evidence of the high degree of handcrafting involved in making glass design.

Where multiples of Glass Charms are ordered we will do our best to match them in size and colour.

Part of PANDORA's Christmas Spirit 2017 Collection. #DO SEE THE WONDERFUL. #DO PANDORA