PANDORA ROSE Linked Love Hearts Ring


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PANDORA ROSE Linked Love Hearts Ring 180177

A simple, yet elegant, PANDORA ROSE Ring comprising of a series of connected hearts. With beaded details and meaningful design, this stunning Ring will add a chic expression to every ring stack. Show your connection to a loved one with this ring of intertwined hearts.

Although small and delicate in size, this ring makes a big impact and stacking your rings is easily one of the most versatile trends. So go on: Get stacking!

Combine your favourite hues and as jewellery designers gravitate this season towards combining stacks of dainty rings and collections of delicate bangles you  can join in the fashion with Radiant Hearts of PANDORA rings.

The Ring is made from PANDORA Rose and is part of the PANDORA Spring Summer 2017 collection.

Locked in a moment of love, two hearts beat as one. Embrace the tender moments and celebrate the eternal bond you share. The heart symbol, the most widely used symbol of love, bears little resemblance to an actual heart and some believe that it was inspired by the shape of the vine leaf  which ancient civilisations used to symbolise bonds of everlasting love due to it's endurance.

The world through rose-tinted glasses shines with the sheen of PANDORA's Signature style.

Bright spotlights on timeless glamour, vintage flushes, warm blushes, cool glances. Classic hearts beat with modern expressions, bound with internal emotions.

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