PANDORA Royal Purple Radiant Hearts Charm CZ

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PANDORA Royal Purple Radiant Hearts Silver Charm with Cubic Zirconia 791725NRP

A Sterling Silver Purple Charm with two beautiful Royal Purple faceted crystals that form the centrepiece of this stunning and innovative button charm. Framed with shimmering stones and elegant cut-out hearts around the edge, this detailed design is a great gift option for lovers of fashion and design. Nothing inspires more emotion in humans than colours. The right colour can brighten your day making you feel happier and more alive. Highly regarded by the ruling classes, purple has traditionally been the colour of royalty. With it's elegant and feminine expression, purple hues will bring a sense of refinement to your wardrobe. Colours are an expression of emotion; they portray our state of mind and how we want others to perceive us. The rich and opulent hues of Royal Purple will add regal tones to your Bracelet.

This Charm is part of the Magnificent Kingdom, from PANDORA'S Autumn 2015 collection.

The Heart has long been recognized across cultures as a symbol for love, charity, joy and compassion. This classic token of love and appreciation and these heart shaped pieces are great for festive occasions and daily wear alike.

As the heart was once widely believed to be the seat of the human mind or emotion, it has also been used as a symbol to refer to the spiritual, emotional, moral, and in the past also intellectual core of a human being.

The word 'heart' continues to be used poetically to refer to the soul.

Capturing the magical universe of PANDORA where the elegance of past meets the future. A tribute to the beauty of nature; leaves, feathers, flora and fauna.

Through forests filled with delightful creatures, the sweet songs of birds guide the way. As the mist settles, a magnificent kingdom appears, whispering tales of love and legend.

Please note that this Charm does not have a central threading. The Openwork design allows light in, which in turn adds sparkle and luminocity to the stones. We reccomend that it is not the last Charm placed on your Bracelet.

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