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PANDORA Christmas Early Bird Gift Set -  2003.enmx.2004cz.2005en07

A collection of PANDORA Charms presented in a gift box and comes beautifuly wrapped in PANDORA paper and ribbon and despatched via Royal Mail FREE of charge

1 x 792003enmx  PANDORA Santa's Home Charm Silver & Enamel  £35.00

1 x 792004cz   PANDORA Sleighing Santa' Silver Charm with Enamel & CZ  £40.00

1 x 792005en07  PANDORA Mrs Santa Claus Silver and Enamel Charm £35.00 

Santa's Home Charm is detailed with White and Red Enamel cleverly depicting the warmth and cosiness of Santa's home. With it's inviting door and window on one side, two windows on the other, a snowy covered roof and a 'Santa' plaque on the roof to guide Santa home! Turn the Charm over to reveal the endearing message on the bottom of 'In Santa's home it's always warm'.

Sleighing Santa' is the classic image of Santa Claus dashing across the sky on Christmas Eve is beautifully illustrated on this traditional Sterling Silver Christmas Charm with it's festive Red Enamel suited Santa, sparkly Cubic Zirconia detailing on his sleigh and the words 'Merry Christmas' on the side

Mrs Santa Claus Sterling Silver whimsically seasonal Charm with translucent Classic Red Enamel is sure to delight anyone who is mad about Christmas! Mrs Christmas is truly Charm-ing with her homely Red apron tied at the back with a Red Bow, old-fashioned spectacles adorn her face and her hair sits in a top knot while she holds a freshly baked gingerbread cookie in her hands ready to welcome Father Christmas

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