PANDORA Shining Elegance Spacer Clip


Code: 791817CZ


PANDORA Shining Elegance Spacer Clip with Cubic Zirconia 791817CZ

This stylish Clip has been specially created for use on the NEW Silver Bracelet, Bangles and Leather Bracelets. With it's innovative and patent pending silicone grip, it will secure your styling while adding delightful sparkle and details on it. Beautiful paired with the simple elegance of an enamel Orchid Charm or to add some sparkle to your collection.

Crafted from Sterling Silver with Cubic Zirconia stones and an internal silicone grip. Add the Clip on to the NEW snake Chain Bracelet (without pre-set stations)  for an on-trend and versatile design that can be changed constantly. These Clips will fit along the length of the traditional PANDORA Clasp Bracelet but WILL NOT fit over the raised areas of the original PANDORA Snake Chain Bracelet. Ideal to use as a stopper.

Part of PANDORA'S 'Timeless Elegance' Spring 2016 collection.

Hold close to your heart the stories of old that shape your life and love and speak of timeless elegance.

A pretty addition to any PANDORA Bracelet,  Gold or Silver Bracelet.

Create and combine and tell your own story.

Choose your PANDORA  jewellery and charms to represent your life's Unforgettable Moments and wear  as a collection of wonderful memories. A perfect gift for any occasion or add this to your own genuine PANDORA Bracelet and make your moments last forever.

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