PANDORA Signature Logo Silver End Caps


Code: 796489


PANDORA Signature Silver End Caps 796489

A pair of PANDORA Signature Bangle End Caps in Sterling Silver. Presenting a polished surface and PANDORA logo details, these Sterling Silver End Caps are ideal for sleek and chic stylings on open bangles. The cool metallic hue looks fabulous with colours. The perfect way to add elegant detail and change the style of your Open Bangle. The new interchangeable End Caps are exciting new additions to the Sterling Silver Open Bangles. Stylish as well as functional they make perfect end cap closures on this contemporary Bangle.

*These End Caps can only be used on Open Bangles 596438CZ & 596477 

Other stunning End Caps are available to create coordinating or contrasting styles. A fresh assortment of end caps and stoppers are exciting new options for PANDORA Moments Open Bangles.

Choose your favourite charms and add them between the stoppers, then finish your bangle with a pair of these chic end caps.

To add the End Caps, you simply push and twist them slightly onto the end of the Bangle. To remove, repeat the process, twisting in the opposite direction.

Part of PANDORA's 'PANDORA Signature' Autumn 2017 Collection.


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